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“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone connect with an audience the way you do! In addition to your magic talent and comedic timing, there is such a “likability” factor that is totally captivating.”

Anthony Christopher

Producer, CC1 Media

“The funniest magician in Las Vegas!”

Dean Cain

Host of Masters of Illusion

“You Are Larger Than Life”

Sharon Osbourne

America's Got Talent


Howie Mandel

America's Got Talent


Piers Morgan

America's Got Talent


Nick Cannon

America's Got Talent

“Congrats on your HOSTING contract – You’re a classy guy who also sees the best in others.”

LaVonne Andrews

Across the Board Casting

“You are in a CLASS of your own…  A mark of true talent!”

Franz Harary

Mega Magic Producer


Chris Davidson

Don't Be Cruel TV Show

“I continue to be impressed by your TV savy – honestly!”

Franz Harary

TV Producer, Magic Planet

“After seeing the commercials, I can tell the camera loves you!”

Alicia Bravatti

Casting Director, The Flipside

“You were AMAZING – I knew you would be, but I was super impressed!”

Brian Riese

Acting Studios - Los Angeles

“You were a huge HIT! We had just under 12,000 attendees and every one of them loved you! Thanks!”

World Financial Group

“We loved having you on the show again!”

Erin Cebula

Urban Rush TV

“Fantastic job on the show, you were awesome!”

Thomas Lennon

Reno 911 Producer, Comedy Central

“Murray has always been an innovator in magic.  Whether he is causing CD’s to appear from nowhere and commanding the stage with big  illusions he never fails to please his audiences.”

Milt Larsen

Owner, Magic Castle

“You opened a show that was deemed by many as one of the best Society of American Magicians shows, ever. The entire tone for that success was set by your unique, high-energy magic act. WOW! If any producer or event planner needs a reference on your talent, they should call me.”

R.G. Smith


“Really effective! Looked great on TV!”


“You simply are one of the exceptional men in show business because of that complete real empathy. You’ll go far.”

Robbie Willmarth

First Lady to President, IBM

“We really appreciated you personalizing the show to fit our needs.”

Royal Bank of Canada

“Your talents, expertise and professionalism was paramount to the success of the evening. I have not enjoyed myself or laughed that much in years!”

Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation

“His exciting and unique “CD ACT” is a welcome and refreshing magical experience to any entertainment venue. He is definitely one of the few young magicians who will take magic boldly into the next century!”

Marvin Roy

Mr. Electric

“Your reputation preceded you when I met you. Amongst your peers (if there are any) you were highly regarded in the industry, and a performer that others look up to.”

Rick Honey

AM 600 Radio

“His act is refreshing and mind boggling!”

Entertainment Roundup Newspaper

“A delightfully skilled unique act!”

Norm Nielson

“Your act has good flare and style, in which Europeans really admire. You will have great success in the United States.”

Tony Clark